Homer Simpson Live and Animated Will Answer your Questions

homer simpson

Admit it. You thought The couldn’t still be cool. On May 15, animated Homer will answer your questions LIVE using motion cap technology and Dan Castellenata’s improv skills.

Question and answer sessions with favorite celebrities are always a fun time. Everyone loves AMA’s, made popular on Reddit and now done via Twitter, podcast, broadcasts and YouTube stream. A live video segment Q & A raises the stakes, putting the interviewee in the hot seat. The Simpson’s are taking it even a step further with a three minute session with , the animated character. Excuse me while I pick up the pieces of my blown mind. How do you even? I mean Homer isn’t REAL, right?

Homer isn’t real in the traditional sense but creator is not only real, he is also a great improviser. The episode in question will air on May 15th and focus on improv comedy which ties it all together nicely.

As DVR and On Demand features gain in popularity, “live” segments encourage viewers to watch shows in real time. But how is it possible to make an animated character appear to be speaking words without drawing them ahead of time? The series will use a motion capture technology in which Homer’s voice and motions will be depicted in an animated scene talking about things he “could only be saying live on that day.” They’ll be prepping and practicing for the live event by inviting folks to tweet questions using the hashtag #HomerLive starting May 1 through May 4th.

Once again, remind us it is still a groundbreaking show.

“As far as I know, this is the first time that’s been done by any animated show,” said showrunner Al Jean.

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  1. Binary Daoist

    February 17, 2016 at 9:54 am

    Pretty good gimmick