Andrea Martin Claims To Be the Inspiration for “Hamilton”

Comedy legend sat down with on Late Night on Monday to talk about her new series, “Great News” created by and Robert Carlock. Although, she wasn’t sitting down for long. Andrea talked about collaborating with Broadway wunderkind Lin-Manuel Miranda years before he hit it big with his Tony award winning smash, “Hamilton“. She was soon out of her chair and performing.

Andrea likes to think that she was the inspiration for “Hamilton” and not our country’s first Secretary of the Treasury, founding father and duelist, Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel had written a rap song for Andrea Martin to perform in her one-woman show, “Final Days: Everything Must Go” (she realizes how grim the title is now). The rap song was written for Andrea Martin’s iconic SCTV character, Edith Prickley. Check out the clips below via YouTube to see Andrea get up and perform the song to a Late Night audience ovation.

She also talked with Seth about playing difficult mothers, both on the new NBC series, “Great News” and on the Hulu hit comedy, “Difficult People” starring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner. Out of all the “mother” roles Andrea is playing now, she says “real life mom” is probably the toughest. She even shared the message she leaves on her grown sons’ voicemails when calling; “Hi boys, it’s your mother. ANDREA MARTIN!! We met while I was raising you. I thought we hit it off. If you’re not presently seeing another mother, would you give me a call??”

You can see Andrea Martin starring in “Great News” which premiered this week with new episodes every Tuesday at 9pm on NBC and in the new upcoming third season of “Difficult People” this August on Hulu.

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