Albert Brooks Animated Project with C.K. Gets Green Light; No One Surprised

There’s a gathering of older, funny dudes; Louis C.K.’s teamed up with and executive producer Greg Daniels for an animated comedy about two ineffective, sometimes unloveable patrolmen tentatively titled “The Cops”. TBS picked up the show with an order for ten episodes straight-to-series with a 2018 premiere. This comes after FX produced the pilot under Louis C.K.’s overall deal at FX Prods and then shopped the series to an outside network. A similar occurrence happened with the Pig Newton-produced “One Mississippi” and its migration to Amazon.

Al (Brooks) and Lou (C.K.) spend their days trying to protect and serve the people of Los Angeles, but can’t always manage that. While C.K.’s slate is typically full with the on hiatus “Louie” and self-financed “Horace & Pete”, “The Cops” will be his first animation and the first animation for his production company Pig Newton. While Albert Brooks was a recurring guest on “The ” and Louis C.K.’s collaborator on “Secret Life of Pets”, this will be his first spot as a series regular. It’s also an exciting move for Greg Daniels, who executive produced “” but before that, Fox animation hit, “King of the Hill”.

The tone of “The Cops” may or may not be anything like the understated surrealism of “Louie”, but it seems likely the shows will have more in common than not, since Al and Lou will probably encounter a lot of the gross, unreasonable city behavior that arises in C.K.’s FX show. It’s interesting the family-friendly “Secret Life of Pets” would inspire this new interest in Louis, but it’s exciting to see how he’ll adapt to the new challenge.

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Rachel Crowe

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