Louis C.K. Rips Conan’s Band…and Dancers


Louis C.K.’s last (very pro-Hillary) appearance on is still a recent, bittersweet memory, but audiences were treated to another interview with the comedian Tuesday night. Louie played the laughing devil’s advocate like he loves to (think back to his bit on how great having sex with children must be on SNL) by advocating that professional dancers have chosen the worst profession ever. “Worst available career choice. It’s a massive amount of dedication followed by giving up,” he said, noting there are only like 3 dance jobs available on Earth. It’s “stupid for their lives, wonderful for ours”, he said.

C.K. also pushed Conan’s band’s buttons by retelling how all of them dreamed once of being individual rock stars and not an anonymous herd, but it’s a living. He called them a “clump of nothing” making a noise that a computer could make. The bit can’t be taken seriously for so many reasons, the sweetest being that comedian is also a preposterous career choice. Even with the current bubble in independent platforms seeking original content, the odds are just so ridiculously, tragically against everybody that a career in comedy is a little like laughing in the face of a horrific natural disaster. Louis kept up the bit while Conan questioned him incredulously, never letting the audience in on it, but the irony stood out like a little wink.

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Rachel Crowe

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