What Did You Miss This Week!?

If you didn’t have time to check in this week, here’s some of our favorites and some of your favorite things that were posted on The Interrobang.

John Oates pac man the bangover 3D cheechchong

“As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.”

— Dick Cavett

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Stories from the Interrobang Staff

The Weekender:  Which State Wins?

Not Enough Room in the Lifeboat:  Comedy Duos

Get Up To Speed on the Insanity of the Island of Man TT

The 5:  TV Shows That Raised Our Kids by Decade

Movies that Got a Bad Rap (and were not awful!)

Look Who’s Jamming With the Rolling Stones

Offbeatr! It’s Crowd Funding for Porn!

How the Ronald McDonald House Helped Our Little Girl

42 Classic Arcade Games

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The Big Story of the Week.   JC Penny Ad Features Hitler Lookalike

Most Popular Post of the Week.  Best Looking Mugshot Ever

Most Popular NSFW of the Week.  Candace Swanepoel in a Bikini

Our Favorite Video of the Week.  Incredible Footage of 1939 NYC

Most Popular Video fo the Week.  Box Lunch on Train

Hot Mess of the Week.   Amanda Bynes Has Words for Rihanna

Worst Idea of the Week.  Hands Free Whopper!

Worst Story of the Week.  Woman Beheaded by Elevator Malfunction

Douchiest Story of the Week.  The Rules to Being a Goldman Sachs Intern

You Fucked Up Story of the Week.  Papa Johns Driver Makes a Racist Butt Dial


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News, Videos and Other Stories from Around the Web This Week:

The Big Sports Stories.  Chewed Gum Sells For Over 100 Gs,  Congress Pushes Redskins for a Name Change, Record Setting Everest Base Jump, Kawasaki Gives Greatest Post Game Interview Ever, Purple Jesus Says No to Gay Marriage, Robbie Rogers First Openly Gay Man Playing in a Major US Sport, More Problems for Rutgers,  Tony Kanaan Wins Record Setting Indy 500

Ibang Girls.   Swanepoel and More Swanepoel, Box Lunch on a TrainWeird Hot Star Trek Harp TwinsMother Daughter Porn Team Seeks Father and Son,

Really Cool Things.   Best Looking Mugshot Ever, Hear and See the Inside of an F3 Tornado, Minimalist Movie Posters,   Incredible Footage of 1939 NYC

Just Weird.   Hands Free Whopper!  Two Captain Americas and a Spiderman Brawl, India Has a Human Hamster Ferris Wheel,  New JC Penny Ad Has Hitler Lookalike, Tallest Swing Ride in the World, Jerome is a Gangsta From the Suburbs, GT Shelby 500 in One Weird Accident,  The Rules to Being a Goldman Sachs Intern

That’s F-cked Up.  Mom Dies After Eating Her Kids Stash,  Papa John’s Driver Racist Butt Dial, Woman Beheaded by Elevator, Newborn Rescued From Sewer Pipes, Hulk Hogan’s Disgusting Hand,  Chicago Sun Times Lays Off Entire Photography Staff

Something to Think About.   Totally Biased: Extended Talk with Jim Norton and Lindy West,  Maine Doctor Rejects Insurance and Only Takes Cash, 

In Other News.  Philip Seymour Hoffman Shakes the Dragon Off, Starbucks Says No To Cigarettes and Coffee, Kai the Hitchhiker Thanks His Supporters, Cheerios Shows the First Interracial Family in an Ad, Adam Levine Hates This Country, Bloomberg Calls Medical Marijuana a “Hoax”, 15 Year Old Tags Ancient Temple,  Amanda Bynes Tells Rihanna She Got Beat Because She’s Not Pretty Enough,  Jean Stapleton (1923-2013), Oklahoma Hit By More Deadly Tornados, Lou Reed Has Life Saving Liver Transplant

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In Depth Interviews

John Oates: Past Present and Future.   He’s still touring with Daryl Hall and he’s got a Solo project.  Ron Bennington talks with him about both.

Elisabeth Moss: Why She Loves Television.   Elisabeth and Ron talk about the new season of Mad Men, and Top of the Lake.

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