What Did You Miss This Week?

If you didn’t have time to check in this week, here’s some of our favorites and some of your favorite things that were posted on The Interrobang.



“”You know what? Certain people think they will feel good if certain things happen… The trick is: you have to feel good for no reason.”  — Richard Bandler

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Stories from the Interrobang Staff

Thanksgiving the Right Way 2012.   The best resource on the internet for a great Thanksgiving, updated for 2012.

Bobs Best Burgers.  We list our 11 favorite specials of the day.

Take Eight Great Gigapixel Trips.  So close it’s like being there.  Check out eight (+1!) amazing Gigapixel images.

The Real, Real Geniuses.  Smart people can be creative too.

The Essential Rolling Stones.  20 Stones tunes you can’t live without.

The 5:  Hacker Movies from the 90s.  What was up with the nineties?

Not Enough Room in the Lifeboat:  World Conquerors.  Who you gonna save?

42 Bond Girls.  There’s nothing like a Bond girl.  Here are 42 of em.

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News, Videos and Other Stories from Around the Web This Week: The Big Stories This Week:  Petraeus, Elmo, The Middle East, and Guy Fieri.

Elmogate Continues:  Is Elmo a Kid Toucher?  Yuck Elmo’s Sex Emails RevealedMeet the Man Who Targeted Elmo,  Elmo Recants,  Elmo-gate Takes Another Turn:  Was Accused Paid Off?

World War III?  Twitter War to Become Real War, Uh Oh Rockets Fired from Egypt Hit Israel, Israel’s Iron Dome Intercepting Rockets From GazaIDF Pinpoint Strike on Ahmed Jabari, Head of Hamas Military Wing

Guy Fieri Dominates the News:  Guy Fieri Wasn’t Always Selling Food, Reviewers Kick Guy Fieri’s Teeth In,  Guy Fieri Responds

Powerful Men Go Batshit:  What Happened to McAfee, Petraeus Has Nothing on Waffle House CEOEasy to Understand Petraeus Flowchart, Papa John Needs Your Help

Sports!  The Greatest Sports Photos of All Time, The Image that Defines Parity in the NFL, Ben Roethlisberger to Die on the Football Field? Goal of the Year So Far

Is This The End of the Twinkie?   Oh Hostess!  What happened?,  Good News Hostess Top Executives Still Get Richer!

Things You Never Want to See Again!  Name That Cold Sore.

Really Cool Shit! Viral Underwater Ice Fishing Explained,  Dad Builds His Son a Tank, Check Out the Entire Galaxy, Finally a Mashup We Love,

Video:  Hello Again, Great White Slide, Sometimes Stunts Go Wrong

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Great Interviews

Tim Heidecker: Cruelty and Humor in The Comedy.  Ron Bennington talks with Tim, of Tim & Eric about the new film.

Brett Morgan Directs the Rolling Stones.  The documentary filmmaker gives great insight on this amazing new doc.

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Weekly Features

Take the IB Wire Quiz. In light of most of our staff being out of power, we skipped this week’s quiz.  Here’s last weeks.

Look at The Blue Centerlight Pop. Check out over 300 of the people, places and things which make the universe more beautiful, better, more interesting.

This Week’s Filtered Excellence.   There’s a lot going on culturally in the world. We’ve filtered out the excellent things for you.

The 3:00 Snack.  The snack is gone but the archives live on.   Check them all out here.

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