What Did You Miss This Week

If you didn’t have time to check in this week, here’s some of our favorites and some of your favorite things that were posted on The Interrobang.


“As long as sorrow doesn’t replace resilience we’ll be just fine.”  — Christopher J. Christie

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Stories from the Interrobang Staff

42 Unforgettable Images from Hurricane Sandy.  These are going to be the iconic pics you will never forget.

Unscientific Presidential Predictors.  What are those dumb contests that everyone thinks will accurately pick the next president…and who were they backing?

What’s on the Ballot 2012:  Rights Watch Alert!  What states had the big questions on the ballot this week that could affect your rights?

Not Enough Room in the Lifeboat:  WWE Headliners.  Who doesn’t get a seat?

Lock Yourself in Weekend: Contemporary Black and White Films.  Here you go– a ready to go weekend-long film festival– all black and white– when they didn’t have to be.

The 5:  Commercials that will Make a Grown Man Cry.  Get your tissues.

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News, Videos and Other Stories from Around the Web This Week: The Election

Was Diane Sawyer Drunk During Election Coverage? You decide.

Obama Wins.  This Becomes the Most Popular Tweet of All Time in Minutes.

Trump Tweets for a Revolution.  Ugh.

Victoria Jackson Calls a Time of Death. Yep.  She’s still crazy.

White People Mourning.  After Mittens Loses.

Bill O’Reilly’s Classy Concession.

Fox News Slowly Loses it Over the Course of Election Night.

Collection of Pundit Predictions:  Were they right?

Obama’s Re-election Protest at U Miss.  Guess they voted red,  huh?

Mitt Romney: Earth 2 Presidential Elect

What Would the 2012 Election Have Looked Like Without Universal Sufferage?


News, Videos and Other Stories from Around the Web This Week: Everything Else

Don’t Watch This:  Security Video Shows Two Nurses Sexually Assaulting a 98 Year Old Stroke Victim

Don’t Watch This:  If you’re a Bully, Stay Away From the Kid with the Baseball Bat

Racist Moment of the Week Goes To……Terry Bradshaw!

Twitter Beef:  Jonah Hill

Ass For Gas Now on Craigslist

Early Leader for Asshole of the Year

Drunk Aussie Girl Fight, Swimsuit Model vs Big Wave ,

Aren’t Young Rich Kids Awesome?  No.  No, they’re not.

Petraeus Resigns Over Affair With Biographer

Is this the End of Black Friday?

More New Stones!

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Great Interviews

Parker Posey’s Price Check.  America’s original indie girl talks about her latest film.

Talking Dexter with Jennifer Carpenter.  With only a season and a half to go, it’s getting weird.

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Weekly Features

Take the IB Wire Quiz. In light of most of our staff being out of power, we skipped this week’s quiz.  Here’s last weeks.

Look at The Blue Centerlight Pop. Check out over 300 of the people, places and things which make the universe more beautiful, better, more interesting.

This Week’s Filtered Excellence.   There’s a lot going on culturally in the world. We’ve filtered out the excellent things for you.

The 3:00 Snack.  The snack is gone but the archives live on.   Check them all out here.

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