Chevy Chase Says Goodbye to Community

Chevy has hated the shit out of his day job for many years. The only surprising thing about Chevy Chase and Community parting ways is that it didn’t happen years ago.



Despite the fact that he seems like a total bastard in every other regard, I've always liked his work. I will miss him on the show. Obviously, everyone saw this coming.


I actually watched every one of his late night shows which I believe was in the 10-20 range when I was a kid.  One skit has stuck with me through all of these years when he went to put his hand prints in cement and it turned out to be a gag where it was liquid and he plunged in up to his waist. Probably stupid as hell if I saw it today but it killed me then.

My Kaka
My Kaka

shitty show with or without him.

K Dubya
K Dubya

I don't know a single person that actually watches Community. 


 @K Dubya I do. Now ya do. Yeah, not a lot of people watch this show. It's been that way for years.

K Dubya
K Dubya

Didn't it get canceled? 


 @K Dubya I would be with you if you're implying that Chevy Chase is deep into dementia and doesn't realize that you can't leave a show that's already been canceled.

sterlingblue 1 Like

Joel McHale was on O & A, I got the impression that Chevy would not be with the show much longer.


If he dropped out after the first season, I would understand, but it took this long to finally hit the bricks? He wanted more substance for his goofy bigoted old man character? 


His comments about it are kinda douchey. He was good on the show, but if someone's miserable like that, good luck to ya!

Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust 1 Like

Just accept that you haven't been funny since the early 80's. After all, admitting it is the first step.

Kevin in SC
Kevin in SC 2 Like

Im a grouchy asshole and youre not

Rorschach7 1 Like

What a fucking spoiled entitled little child.. fuck you and good bye

Basket_full_of_lotion 2 Like

A Thanksgiving miracle! I'll be out dancing and singing in the streets.

mistawag 2 Like

Well I hope they find another racist to replace him. It's really important to the story line.

CryBaby1 1 Like

Did he really say "colour" instead of "color"? Pompous asshole.

YotaruVegeta 1 Like

 @CryBaby1 I, ah, don't think that was him. It was in a UK paper, and they love the shit out of the letter "U"

Beer 2 Like

Why do they have a picture of president ford?

Kevin in SC
Kevin in SC


 Remember when he had a stuffed dog in the oval office on SNL?  

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"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen" Relax Chevy. Play some golf. Just remember to "Be The Ball" na na na na na na na...

Judge Smails
Judge Smails 1 Like

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

RonsCigar 1 Like

I'm taking my N bombs and going elsewhere!